First session on Loz’s pheasant

started Loz’s pheasant today, shading and colour to follow soon…!/TippingTattoo


Traditional Wolf Head

A reguler client came in today for the first session on a full thigh piece. Really looking forward to finishing this off next session. Cheers Sam!!/TippingTattoo

Upper back… update

another quick colour session this evening. Roses up next!!/TippingTattoo

knee cap shading

Little more progress made on an ongoing leg piece. Knee and upper thigh shading… can’t beat a swollen knee cap to really feel alive!!/TippingTattoo

Quick colour session…

Today Nath found out for himself exactly why people say ribs are the most painful spot to get tattooed… quick session to get the fiddly bits out the way, another to blast in the black of the panther and where are there – happy days

cheers for hanging in there mate, i know how much it sucks in that spot.

finished photo to follow…

Leg, knee and foot tattoo

Added some shading to an ongoing leg piece, i’m looking forward too getting some colour through this one…

Back filler tattoo

Shading complete on Nelson’s back, couple of weeks and we will crack on with the colour. thanks for sitting so well mate, not a particularly pleasent spot to have done!

Nelson back tattoo