Guns and roses memorial tattoo

Toms first tattoo, a memorial to his mum, a GnR fan…

guns and roses tattoo arm

guns and roses tattoo arm


Hand and foot print

Ian already has a tattoo fr his son, and wanted a new one for his little baby girl. This is what we did, based on his babys actual hand prints!/TippingTattoo

hand and foot prints

hand and foot prints

Arm tribal

I dont normally do tribal, but Kris is a really good friend, and this piece was designed by his sister so i was more than happy to help out.
tribal tattoo

tribal arm tattoo


Traditional Gypsy girl

Got to do a really nice tattoo today, a gypsy girl on the inner/back of Toms upper arm. Not the most pain free of spots, but Tom sat like an absolute demon to get it completed!!/TippingTattoo