Guns and roses memorial tattoo

Toms first tattoo, a memorial to his mum, a GnR fan…

guns and roses tattoo arm

guns and roses tattoo arm


Roses chest piece

Will came in for a couple of black and grey roses on his chest.

chest tattoo traditional black and grey roses

chest tattoo traditional black and grey roses

skeleton with roses and haribo!

Ben came in with a crazy idea to get a skeleton with Haribo heart, gummy bears and roses. Here is what i came up with!

skeleton with roses and sweets

skeleton with haribo sweets and roses

Hourglass and roses

raditional hourglass and roses on a lower wrist. This is actually smaller and more detailed than the photo suggests!
hourglass and rose traditional tattoo

hourglass and roses old skool tattoo

Finished pheasant

Loz’s finished tattoo – pheasant with top hat and monicle. Was an absolute pleasure doing this, from the first few pencil lines when designing it right through to the final needle stroke. Thanks Loz for the opportunity, t’was a pleasure.

ps. some blue sky behind the clouds may go in at a later date, but we need to plan the space for other designs first! watch this space!!/TippingTattoo

pheasant tattoo

Upper back… update

another quick colour session this evening. Roses up next!!/TippingTattoo