Traditional Pin up girl

Very traditional take on a pin up girl, complete with balloons

traditional pin up girl tattoo bikini balloons

traditional pin up girl tattoo bikini balloons


A selection of recent bits…

Here is a selection of recent bits that i have worked on. Swallows, skulls and roses…

quick little shading session

Quick little shading session on an ongoing sleeve…

quick sleeve shading session

quick sleeve shading session

Swallow and rose

Lou came in for her first ever tattoo, a lovely little swallow and rose on her wrist. thanks lou!/TippingTattoo


swallow and rose

swallow and rose


Simple swallow chest tattoo

Traditional swallow tattoo on vickys chest

Swallow tattoo on chest

knee cap shading

Little more progress made on an ongoing leg piece. Knee and upper thigh shading… can’t beat a swollen knee cap to really feel alive!!/TippingTattoo

Quick shading session…

Had another quick shading session today on an ongoing leg piece. Leaves lower thigh, kneeĀ and foot to go (the painful bits), and then its time for colour…!/TippingTattoo